Shoots have sprouted
Layers of the soul are revealed
Now is your time to thrive.

Tara creates the opportunity to awaken the dormant seeds of self through the process of transpersonal art therapy. This artful meditation expressed through colour, form and symbols give your subconscious the opportunity to express itself, and help you access your heart's deepest desires. Nourishing the soul through the ancient processes of sacred art creation, you are empowered to open and expand your personal artistic journey, expressed on pages of possibility.

I aim to assist and support an individuals journey through their challenges towards towards self-realisation.

Soul purpose yearns to express its greatest potential. Inner longings and life goals express themselves through ideas, feelings, symbols, syncronicity and dreams. Art therapy grounds and expresses the inner workings of the soul and anchors the blue print of the reality you want to manifest. Line, curve, colour and symbols articulate your aspirations and stir the creative chrysalis within that longs to become a butterfly.


Tara embodies transformational energy, harnesses your unique spirit and holds the ability to transform a soul through art therapy.