Create your life.

Providing Art Therapy and Expressive Arts to support your growth.


Be who you are. Now is your time to thrive.

Art therapy grounds and expresses the inner workings of the soul and anchors the blue print of the reality you want to manifest. Line, curve, colour and symbols articulate your aspirations and stir the creative chrysalis within that longs to become transformed. 

Supporting those with wings to walk up mountains...
supporting those with feet of clay to Fly!

Taras ability to truly connect with the root of my being allowed me to see what was holding me back, what was bringing me out and what my true passion really was.
— Irene Emily, Transforming Suffering session

It's already inside you

(how you work, your process)

It works because it is already a part of you.  Fulfilment is your nature, yet, in linear time, it seems like there is an unmet goal to be achieved.  By acknowledging and empowering your oneness, feeling into your present flow and connecting with your power to choose, you are free to let your unconscious speak through the page and make manifest that which is in your soul and psyche.

It's not about finding a cure or fixing whats broken, it is about empowering towards self-realisation.

Giving yourself permission to explore, to play and honour your truth is an expression of faith in your own wholeness.  This faith makes visible what is already real within you.

I felt like I could be my true self with Tara. I was allowed to feel, express and flow. The result of it is an everlasting feeling of fluidity with each step I take.
— Happy client, Love-Art Therapy session